Paling Fencing

Probably the Most Popular of All Brisbane Fencing Styles – The Timber Paling Fence

This type of fence is really suitable for all styles of property and blends naturally into the Brisbane fencing environment.

Being both a practical and affordable timber fence style  with the added benefit of providing good levels of privacy and security for your property.

We can also fit your fence with a timber capping on top for an attractive look and also practical weather protection ( as shown in the fence photo below).


Timber Paling Fence Brisbane

Custom Built Beautiful Timber Paling Fences

We can build your timber paling fence in a wide range of heights to suit your taste,most popular being 1200mm, 1500mm,1800mm,2100mm and 2400mm. Though of course we are always happy to custom build a timber fence to your specific requirements.Timber Fence Brisbane

Fences Suitable for Sloping Blocks in Brisbane

This style of fence is also suitable for almost any site gradient, including ones where the land is uneven or sloping (as shown in the above photo).

So when good looks, long life and value for money are important factors a timber paling fence style is definitely worth considering.  We will be happy to discuss your options and quickly provide a FREE fencing quote.

If you’re wondering how much will a new fence cost?

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